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Marta Herraiz Fernández shows organizations how to be strong allies of their LGBTQ+ employees


How to be a strong ally of LGBTQ+ employees

IbyIMD+ Published 10 June 2021 in Leadership • 4 min read

For Marta Herraiz Fernández, life is good. As proud new mothers to their two-month-old daughter, she and her wife are busy adjusting to the new routines of parenthood that babies inevitably bring with them. Happily, Herraiz Fernández feels the childcare is truly shared in her home, unlike the majority of new parents, who often struggle with an unequal division of labor once kids come along. 

“It is less of a challenge than the typical heterosexual couple, because when you have two women, there are no pre-designated roles for either of them. So my wife and I do the same things and we are very interchangeable. I think we make a great team,” she says.  

There is certainly a lot to juggle. As the founder of LesWorking, the first…

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