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His royal shyness and how to cultivate charisma

IbyIMD+ Published 23 June 2022 in Leadership • 7 min read

Zoe Chance discusses how Prince learnt to become a great communicator, the power of saying no, and honing the superpower that makes good things happen. Interview by David Bach

Influence is the superpower for getting everything you want, without compromising who you are. Almost every single thing that we hope to do in life requires the willing participation of other human beings. And there is a science to encouraging other people to say yes — which will also reduce your own anxiety about being rejected. These skills can also help to change the world, for the better.

In her book, Influence is Your Superpower, Zoe Chance, the professor behind Yale School of Management’s most popular class, outlines an ethical approach to influence that can help you to cultivate charisma, negotiate more effectively, and distinguish between influencers and manipulators.

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