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the four Ls of emotional intelligence

Brain circuits

The four Ls of emotional resilience

IbyIMD+ Published 5 December 2023 in Brain circuits • 6 min read

Tapping into your emotions can make you more resilient and more efficient in your leadership.

Our ever-present emotions impact our thoughts and actions in sometimes surprising ways. Emotionally aware leaders who effectively embrace their feelings are more likely to serve as role models and inspire their teams.

Emotions have an adaptive function for us. Disregarding them means foregoing critical data that is relevant to make sense of a specific context or situation.

Leaders can build on the information they convey using this step-by-step approach, which I have simplified here and named “the four Ls of emotional resilience.” 

1. Listen

Embrace what you are feeling in the present – in other words, practicing mindfulness. Acknowledge that you are experiencing emotions but don’t judge them. Suspending judgment is critical and requires self-empathy.

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