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Brain circuits

Is your company ready for the next crisis?

IbyIMD+ Published 12 January 2023 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

As we forge into the New Year, things don’t look any more certain than they have the past few years. This doesn’t need to be a source of anxiety for leaders; however, it could be where you draw your inspiration. If you haven’t already started, your focus should be on building a resilient organization, one that can weather the volatile environment and adapt quickly to changes.

Just as we are thinking about how to handle unpredictability, we should also not dismiss the things that can be predicted. Many threats and disruptions are actually easier to predict than people imagine, yet we tend to overlook them as they don’t bother us most of the time.

Black swans and grey rhinos

Black swan events are devastating and rare events like the pandemic. Grey rhinos, on the other hand, are all around us most of the time. These include such things as…

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