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Brain Circuits

Are you wasting your energy by scratting?

IbyIMD+Published 25 October 2022 in Brain Circuits • 4 min read

Have you ever looked out your window and watched as the squirrels scampered around, collecting their goods for the winter? Now, consider if you have ever seen a human at work that reminds you of our furry friends. While the squirrels are doing what they are meant to do, it seems a bit absurd to imagine people like this. But you can probably picture someone… Is it you?

In our world of busyness, we often consider doing a lot and moving fast to be an effective approach to reach our KPIs. We picture ourselves like cheetahs, hunting at 110km/h, fully focused on the impala. Often, however, our behavior looks more like Scrat the Squirrel from the children’s movie Ice Age: frantic and fretting to catch the ever-elusive acorn, while using a lot more energy than needed. If you aren’t familiar with Scrat, just watch this  (it’s okay, adults are allowed to laugh at…

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