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Brain circuits

Are you overlooking this critical aspect of your business?

IbyIMD+Published 3 December 2021 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

Now that we are heading full on into the holiday season and the New Year is less than a month away, many businesses use this time to show some sort of appreciation for their employees. It’s also a time when many people slow down and take stock of their lives. This is a good time to ask yourself, as a leader, have you shown your employees that their wellness matters or is it just lip service?

People talk about wellness and self-care a lot, but if you are constantly making more demands of your top performers and coming down hard on the underperformers, they are likely to get burnout. Add to that the upheaval of the office environment since the beginning of the pandemic and the added stress that has brought everyone in terms of new family obligations, blurred lines between work and home, and uncertainty about the future. It is clear that…

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