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Book Review

A winter wonderland of fine reading and fishy tales

IbyIMD+Published 16 December 2023 in Book Review • 3 min read

From decoding hieroglyphs to befriending an octopusIMD professors recommend books for the festive season.


Visions of Inequality  

Branko Milanovic 

Imagine an IMD event in which a high-level panel is invited to debate on inequality. By a miraculous combination of holograms and AI, six key figures will sit next to one another on stage in front of a live audience: François Quesnay, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Karl Marx, Vilfredo Pareto, and Simon Kuznets. As a well-informed, sometimes humorous, and always lively moderator, Milanovic allows the panelists to make their points and share their views on what remains one of the main challenges in the global economy. A stimulating read for all of us trying to squeeze interesting narratives out of data and for anyone interested in global issues. 

Bruno Lanvin, President, Smart City Observatory


So Much Stuff: How humans discovered tools, invented meaning, and made more of everything  

Chip Colwell  

A fascinating exploration of…

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