Leadership Coaching: Fact vs. Fiction

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Release the leader in you through leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is a powerful management training tool to help business leaders at all levels leverage the leadership skills within themselves to maximize performance. It helps you increase awareness through practice and straightforward feedback. You’ll sharpen your inherent leadership skills to better motivate teams and deliver specific personal, professional and organizational goals.

How can leadership coaching help you?

Leadership coaching is a key tool used in many leadership development programs at IMD, one of the top business schools in the world . The High Performance Leadership (HPL) program, for example, uses integrated leadership coaching to help experienced managers explore the essence of leadership and how to guide employees towards key business goals – and so take their leadership skills to the next level.

Leadership Coaching

Highly professional coaches work with you individually and in small groups throughout the program. You receive intensive individual feedback as you experience leadership situations and experiment with your role as a leader. The leadership coaching helps you become more self-aware and make sense of the different aspects of your leadership, challenges you to explore who you want to be as a leader - and supports you to make it happen. You renew your energy and release the leader within you – enabling you to drive change in your team and organization.

High Performance Leadership (HPL) is a short journey in the larger journey of your life. That’s why in the program you receive intensive group coaching daily to accelerate the development of your leadership skills. and additional coaching sessions can be arranged. You’ll benefit from a sustained impact on your leadership performance with this long-term support through leadership coaching.

Leadership coaching fiction and fact...

Leadership coaching fiction: Leadership coaching teaches a set of techniques, styles and mannerisms that I can reproduce and apply once I’ve learned how to do them.

Leadership coaching fact: Leadership coaching does not teach you to copy and plug in any one style. A professional coach’s impartial and honest observation helps you recognize your own leadership style, strengths and weaknesses. They then work with you to hone your strengths and seek ways to transform your weaknesses through practice with a group and individually. You become the leader you are meant to be.

Leadership coaching fiction: People are born leaders or they’re not.

Leadership coaching fact: Sure, some people are more naturally charismatic and people will follow. But this is a very limited definition of leadership. Everyone has a unique set of skills within them that can be put into action to make them better leaders. Leadership coaching will help you gain awareness of your inner leadership skills, your weak points, and your leadership goals. Once you’ve identified those skills you possess that will work to your advantage, you learn to better use them. A second, equally important point is that leadership is not just about leading the team; it is also about leading them in the right direction. A good leader also needs to be able to target key business goals and develop good strategies for getting there. Leadership coaching helps you improve your ability to build and implement effective strategies. If you lead your team in the right direction, they stay motivated!

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching fiction: Leadership coaching is ok for beginners, but experienced professionals don’t need it.

Leadership coaching fact: Would you expect a star athlete to say, OK, I’ve made the Olympic trials, now I don’t need a coach anymore? It’s no different for business leadership coaching. The more senior you become, the more valuable a skilled executive career coach is to you. When you need to take a fresh look at an old problem, leadership coaching can help you increase awareness. As neutral and objective outside experts, professional coaches help you find what is blocking progress and focus on innovative solutions. And at various points in your career, you will face particular business challenges (your own Olympics). You can access, fine-tune and use the right skills to tackle the particular challenge with the help of leadership coaching.

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Discover how IMD's High Performance Leadership program can help your board drive corporate success. Download the (NEW) program brochure now.

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