Your High Performance Leadership learning journey

A highly immersive experience that enables you to find purpose in your leadership role

Your High Performance Leadership learning journey

A highly immersive experience that enables you to find purpose in your leadership role

Rebuild and renew in six days

On High Performance Leadership, you explore and apply powerful concepts and techniques in plenary sessions with faculty and in a small group guided by an experienced executive coach. Drawing on the latest insights from neuroscience, you will learn how to change mindsets and behaviors – starting with your own.


Pre-program work, 6 weeks before the start date

  • Write your high performance leadership stories and analyze them to identify patterns for success.
  • Reflect on your personal leadership journey.
  • Go over the assigned readings.
Setting the stage for high performance leadership

6 days on campus

  • Analyze your leadership success and failure stories. Understand the mindset 
    of high performance leaders and how they lead themselves and others. 
  • Learn techniques to influence and transform mindsets and behaviors, equipping you 
    to navigate leadership situations with greater effectiveness. 
  • Explore motivation, and the role that loss and separation play in it. 
  • Familiarize yourself with key factors for creating and leading high performance 
    teams. Embed coaching concepts into your leadership approach by practicing 
    throughout the program as you and your peers co-coach each other. 
  • Draw on your learnings from the program to create a personal leadership action plan 
    that enables you to realize your full potential, and lead with purpose and authenticity.
Follow-up coaching


  • Videos, articles, and tips on key leadership concepts to inspire you.
  • A 30-minute call with your coach to keep you focused as you implement your action plan.
  • Three hours of optional one-on-one coaching to support you on your continued
    growth journey.
Integrated coaching

Throughout the program, you will experience personalized coaching within a small peer group, fostering an accelerated development of your leadership skills. Following the program, a dedicated one-on-one call with your coach will help you stay focused on your action plan. You will also benefit from up to three hours of optional coaching to further support your ongoing growth journey.

Continued leadership evolution

To deepen your leadership impact, invigorate your perspective, and sharpen your focus, you are invited to participate in the Advanced High Performance Leadership program – a special offering exclusively designed for High Performance Leadership/Inspirational Leadership alumni.

HPL alumni community

Upon program completion, you gain access to IMD’s exclusive High Performance Leadership (HPL) alumni community. This unique network not only rekindles your connection with the program’s core principles but also provides a platform to engage with fellow alumni globally, fostering continued inspiration and support.