Make smart strategic decisions based on hard finance data

Gone are the times when board members could listen to the CFO, smile, and candidly state that finance was not their piece of cake.

In a fast-changing and increasingly competitive business environment, you are expected to have a solid grasp of finance so you can best challenge the management team on finance reports, and make strategic decisions based on hard finance data.

Finance for Boards is designed to give you the essential finance knowledge you need to make tough decisions for your company in areas such as mergers & acquisitions as well as risk management.

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Item 1

Master the main financial valuation methods and their meaning

Item 2

Be at ease reviewing and challenging financial reports presented to you

Item 3

Understand the risk framework put in place by companies


Grasp the value behind mergers and acquisitions

Together, we analyze real life examples of transactions brought to the board for decision-making. You will be asked to challenge financial reports and make informed recommendations.

Professor Salvatore Cantale

Your program director

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Program length: 2 days


CHF 6,600

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