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Toyota: Repositioning the brand in Europe (D): Growing step-by-step

6 pages
February 2006
Reference: IMD-5-0701

This is a follow-up case to the Toyota series (IMD-5-0564, 0565, 0567). The case adresses the issues faced by Toyota’s European managers in early 2006. Toyota registered its ninth consecutive year of record sales in Europe and managers were getting edgy. The region was becoming more important strategically. In order for Toyota to reach its ambitious growth target of 15% global market share by 2010, the growth in Europe had to continue. But the market was mature and still dominated by local players. Korean competitors were catching up quickly and Toyota’s perceived quality was not where it should be. This raises various questions: What were the next steps for moving the brand forward? How should Toyota leverage its hybrid technology? How to improve on the brand awareness?

Lexus (Brand), Brand, Positioning, Hybrid Technology, Automotive
Toyota, Automotive
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