Negotiation training courses: Gain a competitive advantage through negotiation training courses

Negotiation training courses have become an essential part of corporate training offered by company training programs as well as business management schools. Whereas negotiation training courses were traditionally aimed at commercial functions like business development and sales, such training is now seen as extremely beneficial to all managers in all functions and at all levels.

Negotiation training courses: Useful for all corporate functions
Negotiation training courses provide corporate executives with indispensable skills which greatly contribute to the competitiveness and effectiveness of the companies they work for. The ability to reach win-win agreements is a key aspect of all daily business, whether competing for new business, dealing with suppliers or handling internal conflicts. Indeed, one could argue that all employees should attend negotiation training courses since most day-to-day work activities require negotiation and conflict resolution of one sort or another.

Negotiation training courses: aligning with your organization's talent program
It is important to integrate negotiation training courses fully into an organization's corporate training program. Below we list below five tips to ensure that negotiation training courses are aligned with your organization's talent development program:

  • Negotiation training courses need to meet the specific needs of your company. When choosing a service provider or business school, it is important to clearly define the objectives, target audience, content and the key deliverables - and then identify those management training courses that can meet these requirements.
  • Negotiation training courses should focus on the acquisition of practical skills which will serve managers on a daily basis. For instance, listening skills are an essential part of good leadership and project management, as are conflict resolution skills.
  • Non-commercial functions should list the specific areas in which they need negotiation training. For example, the functions dealing primarily with external stakeholder engagement will have different negotiation training needs than functions who mainly deal with other internal functions.
  • It may be beneficial to consider a leadership development program that includes negotiations training, rather than a program focused on negotiation skills training alone. While good negotiation skills are essential for good management and leadership, there are other essential leadership skills that can also be strengthened through leadership development programs.
  • It may also be very beneficial for negotiation training courses to bring together executives from different departments, or even different offices, in the same session. This approach can for instance help develop a common language and maximize the exchange of best practices between various functions.
  • Finally, the training should not be a one-off event, but be part of an ongoing executive development that includes ever more advanced leadership and negotiation training courses.


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