Leadership programmes: Get skills for better performance through top leadership programmes

Leadership programmes can boost your ability to foster change, mobilise people, build teams, manage organisational renewal and drive better results for your company. All that sounds like a tall order. But the best leadership programmes really can deliver for executives -and at all management levels.

Whether you are just starting out as a talented, fast rising manager or working as an experienced executive in general management, leadership programmes can help you develop your full potential. After all, successful business leaders are trained, not born. Leadership training from top business management schools offers a valuable tool, beyond learning on the job, to advance your career and add value to the role you play within your organisation.

Of course, there are many leadership programmes out there and some offer better returns for your educational investment than others. Let's review some of the options.

Building on your existing skills
Business administration degrees, such as the 1 year MBA or an Executive MBA, build on business fundamentals and provide managers with the organisational skills to take on greater challenges. The Master Business Administration degree is an entry point for many talented individuals into the ranks of management. Good business schools offer EMBA programmes that provide a way for internationally experienced executives to sharpen their leadership skills while staying on the job. Flexible formats, including well-designed distance learning modules, can allow you to get a world-class degree on the job.

In either case, you will get the most out of degrees in business delivered by a top-ranked business school with a global perspective. Such institutions, offering teaching from internationally recognized experts, allow to you to build on your existing skills while preparing to take on the increasingly complicated challenges of a globalised environment.

Leadership programmes for every stage of your career
The best executive education is relevant to your career because it offers a variety of leadership programmes that deal with the particular challenges you face at every step of the way as you climb the corporate ladder. Look for programmes that draw heavily on thought leadership and research and that emphasize the development of different global leadership capabilities to tackle today's complex issues.

The top-ranked leadership programmes are integrated so that you can pursue corporate training that corresponds with your level of experience. Comprehensive programmes allow managers to transition to different stages in their global leadership careers including:

  • High-potential managers in functional roles
  • General management executives
  • Strategic management executives
  • Top corporate executives (C-suite)

Targeted leadership programmes
Apart from leadership and management training geared to different stages in your executive career, executive development programmes can zero in on specific leadership issues. As a senior executive, for example, you can profit from a targeted leadership course that allows you to explore and surpass your individual, business and market challenges. Such training can help you gain fresh perspectives on broader economic and societal challenges while delivering immediate impact on your business.

You can gain practical knowledge from other leadership training programs, such as conflict resolution skills, best marketing practices and corporate governance best practices. Good business schools should also offer personalised leadership coaching tailored to your specific needs and those of your company.

All told then, there are multiple ways to advance your career and boost the performance of your company through top leadership programmes.


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