What will this program give you?

You will discover like others who joined the program before you that learning about leadership and career progression with women who share similar challenges in the workplace can be incredibly powerful.

The program looks at leadership from a gender diversity angle and focuses on improving skills that have emerged from research as being more in need of development among women than men:

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Be conscious of which leadership skills you cultivate and which you suppress
Based on cutting-edge IMD research, the program takes the view that women do not need to play up classic male characteristics that are closely linked to the standard image of leadership to get ahead in their career.  This allows you to stay true to yourself while stretching you in areas where you wouldn't necessarily feel spontaneously comfortable.

Learning that is actionable
Strategies for Leadership is all about learning by doing and by trying out. Frameworks and concepts are rapidly applied to your personal context. You test your new knowledge in simulation exercises which focus on typical women's leadership challenges. You leave the program with increased self-awareness, new skills and an action plan that helps you create the future you aspire to.

Learn from other women in leadership
Women become passionate and empowered learners in this unique setting. Drawing on the experience of peers and building powerful international networks, women such as yourself have become strong mentors and role models for each other.

Campus Agenda
Daily agenda

Beyond your time on campus

  • Prior to the program, you are asked to reflect on your personal and professional journey so far with a personal narrative.
  • After the program, you attend a personal coaching session to help consolidate key learnings. Additional coaching sessions can also be arranged (fees apply).
  • A number of follow-up events are also organized by the alumni network, including the annual SL Alumni Retreat. These events support your ongoing leadership journey.


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