Case Study

CodeCheck (A): Helping conscious consumers with big data

7 pages
November 2019
Reference: IMD-7-2109

The case CodeCheck (A) explains in which ecosystem the company is embedded, the technological backbone of the company, and provides information about the growing importance of conscious consumer. It ends with the question of Boris Manhart, CEO and Founder of CodeCheck, should monetize this rich and valuable data to finance the further growth of the company.

Learning Objective
  • About the importance of a growing conscious consumer segment.
  • How to describe an ecosystem/value constellation for the Codecheck App, which helps conscious consumers making better buying decisions.
  • To assess the richness of data gathered through this app and its value for various players in the above-mentioned ecosystem/value constellation.
  • How to assess the elements of a customer centric company by applying the CustomerStar framework.
  • How to explore different monetization strategy for a startup.
  • How to put together a growth strategy based on a diagnosis of internal and external factors.
Digital Platform, Business Model, Consumer Choice, Big Data, Consumer Behavior, Start-up, Pricing, Data Analytics, Retail, Digital
Europe, Switzerland
Codecheck, Business Management Services, Market Research, Healthcare, Health and Medical Services
Field Research
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