Case Study

The Philips marketing journey (A)

7 pages
December 2007
Reference: IMD-5-0729

In 2001 Gerald Kleisterlee took over as CEO of Philips amid a financial crisis. The company was about to post its worst ever losses and was being viewed by many as a candidate for takeover or break-up. Kliesterlee engages in a process for re-establishing priorities for Philips and reformulating its strategy from being a conglomerate story to be a high growth electronics play. He knows that the company needs to be more externally focussed and decides to hire a Chief Marketing Officer, Andrea Ragnetti, to provide the impetus. The (A) case ends by posing the question: What should be Ragnetti’s initial plans and priorities?

Learning Objective

To better understand how to create the conditions for outside-in transformation of a complex corporation and to appreciate the bridge brand and customer insights play in linking the customer to the corporation.

Positioning, Brand, Customer Focus, Change, Electronics
Field Research
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