Ref: 9789082791334


Flex or Fail

The Future of Work and Pay

Arturo Bris

By Professor Arturo BrisArturo Bris
with Tony Felton and Robby Mol

Independent workers invoice clients but do not have employment contracts. 'Flex or Fail' explores how this number is likely to double in the next 10 years, what impact this will have on work & pay, and how all of us will need to adapt to a new way of working.

The book looks at the economics of labour markets and competitiveness and addresses the issues of individuals who face significant change in their lives. The tone is personal and recognises the fear and emotion that goes with the prospect of an uncertain future. 'Flex or Fail' is optimistic and fact based, taking into account the resilience and confidence that is inherent in people to deal with change.

By doing so, the authors provide signposts to individuals and organisations about how they may manage their situation most effectively in a rapidly evolving work environment. The book seeks to describe a roadmap / blueprint from where we are today in terms of work & pay to a series of evolving disruptors that will impact all generations, over the next decades.

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