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AI, IoT, and robotics – From theory to practice

Participants from TransformTECH, co-hosted by IMD and EPFL, share their insights
October 2019

The business potential of transformational technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence and robotics is enormous. But today’s executives have difficulty separating the hype from reality.

To help leaders harness the power of these technologies for their organizations, IMD and EPFL created the TransformTECH program.

Combining business and technology experts in one program, executives get inspired to find new business solutions using the most applicable and innovative technologies.

IMD recently wrapped up the second edition of TransformTECH of 2019.

Here’s what executives who attended the program had to say about it:

Abiodun Ijaware, Head, Information Technology, Development Bank of Nigeria told IMD that there are many technologies out there, but the importance is applying them to your business. It is only then that they become relevant to society and add value to your company. That’s what TransformTECH brought him.

“The faculty members were awesome. The knowledge transfer was rich, practical and relatable. So, that helps make sure that we’re not just learning theories, but we’re also seeing the applications. The experience has been fantastic,” said Ijaware.

Aurélie Alemany, Managing Director at Yello Strom GmbH in Germany, agreed that the program was an excellent occasion to learn about what stage many revolutionary technologies are at, and how they will impact one’s own industry.

Kotaro Nagaoka, Senior Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan, echoed the theme of learning and application. “It is a great opportunity for me to understand the essence of brand new technology and how to use them in real businesses.”

Juan Pablo Martelli, Head of Digital Capabilities Development, Philip Morris International Management in Switzerland, thinks the best way to experience TransformTECH is by doing the program with a team and with a concrete project in mind. “Ultimately what we want is to apply what we learned.”

Françoise Bellon-Perez, Client Executive – Program Director, Capgemini Switzerland, had some advice to those thinking about doing TransformTECH. “I would say it’s three things. The first benefit is to open up. The second one is to step back and the third one is to be inspired.”

TransformTECH runs twice a year. Editions in 2020 are in January 27-31 and September 7-11.

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