Kazuo Ichijo

Kazuo Ichijo

Professor Kazuo Ichijo's research interests focus on innovation through the process of organizational knowledge creation. His areas of expertise are the development of knowledge-based competence of a firm, the management of innovation and corporate transformation. He is the holder of a BA (social sciences) and MS (social sciences) from Hitotsubashi University and PhD (business administration) from the University of Michigan.

He is also Professor of Graduate School of Social Sciences, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo.

Kazuo Ichijo has published a number of papers in these research areas. His book, Enabling Knowledge Creation: How to Unlock the Mystery of Tacit Knowledge and Release the Power of Innovation, won the Best Business Book of the Year award 2000 from the Association of American Publisher's Professional and Scientific Publishing division.

He has also received a wide range of academic recognition. His paper presented at the annual conference of the Strategic Management Society held in Barcelona, October 1997, was selected as one of the best papers. Professor Ichijo's book titled Management by Values (in Japanese) received "1998 best book award" from the Japan Management Association.

Professor Kazuo Ichijo has been involved in many corporate transformation activities initiated by leading companies as a consultant and an advisory board member.

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