Leadership coaching: Improve your leadership skills through leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is a powerful way for business leaders at all levels to improve their skills for inspiring and motivating individuals and teams - and even entire companies - to reach higher levels of performance. Through practice and honest feedback, leadership coaching sharpens inherent business leadership skills for delivering personal, professional and organizational goals.

How does leadership coaching work?
Leadership coaching focuses on you and your leadership style. It's not about copying great leaders or plugging in a certain response to a certain situation. Instead, a professional coach observes how you interact with others and how others perceive you through, for example, group sessions or simulations, or through tools such as a 360 leadership assessment. The coach then provides impartial and honest observations that help build your self-awareness and give you a stronger understanding of your own business leadership strengths and weaknesses. This kind of honest feedback is a true value of leadership coaching - after all, your direct reports and colleagues are unlikely to provide it!

Good leadership coaching goes beyond raising self-awareness however. Your coach should work with you to polish your strengths and transform your weaknesses. In controlled and safe settings, you experience different leadership situations and experiment with your leadership style. In this way, you begin to make sense of the different aspects of your leadership and explore who you want to be as a business leader. Leadership coaching should then support you to make it happen. In this way, you become the leader you are meant to be.

Leadership coaching can also help with building specific business management skills. For example, you could use coaching to improve your negotiations skills for dealings with company suppliers, customers and partners, or to improve your conflict resolution skills. If you have difficulties with speaking in public, coaching could help with this. Leadership coaching can also help you be more self-motivated - which in turn will help you better motivate your team. Finally, through the process of being coached yourself, you will gain new skills for coaching and mentoring others.

Leadership coaching is not a short-term process. Repeated sessions over time will ensure you really do achieve concrete improvements in your leadership effectiveness. Good coaching will help you identify your long-term leadership development needs, and support you in this development process.

Leadership coaching as part of a leadership development program
Leadership coaching is often viewed as a stand-alone kind of leadership training. However, some business leadership courses from top business schools include leadership coaching as part of the program. This has the benefit of allowing you to learn leadership theory and then work with your coach to implement it in practice. The best programs include leadership coaching sessions after the program has ended, to help ensure you follow through with your new learning and insights.

Are you ready to release the leader within you and drive positive change in your team and company? If the answer is yes, you should definitely look into leadership coaching!


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