Your learning journey

Embark on an exploration of team dynamics and become the leader you aspire to be.

Your learning journey

Embark on an exploration of team dynamics and become the leader you aspire to be.

Transform the very essence of who you are as a leader

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and deep reflection. Your quest to become a more effective team leader will take you through nine days of highly immersive, experiential learning at IMD, in the Swiss Alps, and back on our campus again.

You will gain a deeper understanding of behavior and how it triggers functional or dysfunctional team dynamics. As you absorb and reflect on new ideas, you will also try out new techniques, styles, and strategies. Whether you’re in the classroom with faculty, up in the mountains stretching your limits with your peers, or debriefing with your coach, on Mobilizing People you’ll be guided by the principle that we are all work in progress, no matter how experienced we are

Three follow-up coaching sessions spread over a year after the core program will help embed your learning in your daily routine. You won’t slip back into old habits or default patterns. In fact, your newly cemented tools will equip you for a lifelong journey of self-development.


Pre-program work, several weeks before the start date 

  • Invite a variety of people you work with, internally and externally, to give their input to a 360-degree feedback survey. Based on this feedback, IMD compiles a report that will serve as an integral part of the program.
  • Complete the Big Five Personality Traits assessment, the results of which give a further perspective for discussions during the program.
  • Reflect on your personal and professional journey so far using a provided template.
Deep immersion

9 days, on campus and in the Swiss Alps 

  • Discuss the latest thinking on the topic of leadership, including the implications of AI, and familiarize yourself with key leadership concepts and frameworks during concise lectures and presentations that deepen the program’s central process of learning from experience. 
  • Experience a continual process of giving direct feedback and receiving it from your peers and coach, combined with in-depth reflection.
  • Explore leadership behaviors and team dynamics through carefully designed activities.  Understand how you interact with others and the unconscious behaviors that affect teams.
  • Learn a structured approach to understanding and overcoming your own resistance to change. 
  • Explore your personal and professional journey with your group and coach.
Sustainable impact

Post-program, over 12 months 

After the program, three 1:1 coaching sessions will consolidate your learnings and experience. Several months into this post-program phase, you will carry out a second 360-degree feedback survey and discuss the results with your coach to assess your progress and define next steps. In addition to peer-to-peer coaching, an AI chatbot will support you as you work on implementing your action plan. 

A journey of self-discovery

Based on the premise “Change begins with me”, Mobilizing People provides a safe space for you to gain clarity on your emotions, values, beliefs, and actions. You will reflect on the feedback you receive and acquire insights into how to strengthen your ability to foster effective communication, stronger relationships, and increased creativity and productivity. 

Experiential learning

Approximately 80% of the program involves activities and debriefs facilitated by coaches, who play a central role throughout the program. You will experience leadership situations that are mindfully constructed to allow real-life behaviors to emerge, and will gain revelations about the unconscious forces at play, how you affect people and how they affect you. 

From insight to action

Mobilizing People gives you a blueprint for how to foster psychological safety within teams, diagnose team effectiveness, and effectively manage tensions that arise. It is designed to help you integrate those insights and apply them in your own context. You will also enhance three foundational skills for leading others: delegation, feedback, and coaching.