Digital supply chains – Do you risk falling behind?

Prof. Ralf Seifert shares key lessons from the second IMD Global Supply Chain Survey

The second edition of the IMD Global Supply Chain Survey examines how organizations rate themselves on 20 important trends in supply chain management. It shows that experts from leading European companies, in a wide variety of industries, expect the focus of supply chain management over the next three to five years to remain on traditional topics, such as applying sales operations & planning (SO&P) throughout the chain and using specific key performance indicators (KPIs). Interestingly, the experts give less importance to key areas of digital transformation, such as digitalization of interactions with suppliers, channel partners and consumers, and the use of “Big Data”. New technological advances, such as robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D printing, are seen as being of even less relevance in the period.

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