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Leadership & Governance

Oversight, guidance and integrity

Comprised of key stakeholders – including CEOs from companies with which IMD has strong learning partnerships, leaders of academic institutions, alumni and faculty – the IMD Foundation Board and IMD Supervisory Board are responsible for governance at IMD, as well as ensuring the organization remains relevant to the evolving needs of the global corporate community.

Executive Committee

The President proposes the structure and composition of his Executive Committee. He regularly informs the Supervisory Board about developments, issues, actions and results and he delivers annually an activity report to the Foundation Board.

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IMD Supervisory Board

The IMD Supervisory Board is presided over by the Chairman of the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board appoints the Supervisory Board from among its members to support, challenge and supervise IMD’s operations.

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IMD Foundation Board

The IMD Foundation Board is IMD’s ultimate governing body. Comprised of CEOs from companies with strong learning partnerships with our business school, the board ensures we are aligned to the evolving needs of the global corporate community.

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