Case Study

Looking back on climate change from 2030: How did we get here? (Mini case)

3 pages
May 2020
Reference: IMD-7-2195

This mini case is a fictional version of the future that looks back from 2030 to how the world has tackled climate change. It is a reflective perspective that talks about urbanization, carbon capture technologies and artificial intelligence, Sustainable Development Goals. It challenges students to think about how the world turned the corner on climate change and to consider how we, globally, made that happen.

Learning Objective
  • This case is part of a mini-series focused on business and society that challenges participants to consider the lessons of various events and examples and how they can apply the learning to their own context. In this case the learning objectives are: – How can we create global cooperation on SDGs. – How we harness technology to combat climate change.
Climate Change, Global Coordination, Montreal Protocol, Environment, Carbon Emission, Sustainable Development Goals, Business, Business-Society Collaboration
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