Case Study

Addressing the Covid-19 crisis: The CEO agenda (Mini case)

3 pages
May 2020
Reference: IMD-7-2193

This mini case talks about why we should not have been surprised by the COVID pandemic as the likelihood was foreseen and awareness raised several times, not only from previous pandemics but also their increasing regularity as the world increasingly globalizes. The case explores these awareness raising attempts. It then suggests for a talking point that sustainable solutions to outbreak readiness require private-public cooperation on a global scale and talks to the reaction of some companies in facing the pandemic and playing a part in the action taken to contain it.

Learning Objective
  • What can we learn from the reactions to COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How can businesses participate with responses of governments?
COVID-19, Pandemic, Preparedness, Whole-of-Society Approach, Global Public-Private Partnership, Business, Business-Society Collaboration
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