Winter Nie

Winter Nie


Winter Nie’s expertise lies at the intersection of leadership and change management. She has a deep understanding of how people at different levels in an organization react to change and how leaders can effectively manage resistance and organizational dynamics. Her work focuses on the inherent tension between centralized power and localization, mature and emerging markets, technology push and market pull, internal and external focus, as well as short-term financial performance and long-term survival. Her work shows that the role of leadership is not to eliminate but skillfully navigate through these tensions into the future. She works with organizations on change at the individual, team, and organizational levels, looking beyond surface rationality into the unconscious forces below that shape the direction and speed of change.

Trained in business and psychodynamics, she uses both fields of knowledge to help the leadership team understand the team dynamics in the face of external and internal business challenges and how these forces affect organizational transformation.  

Winter also has in-depth knowledge of doing business in emerging markets, low-cost competition, innovation culture, and customer centricity.


Winter has worked with many global companies in different industries (engineering and technology, service and consulting professions, fast-moving consumer products, banking and financial sector, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, gaming, and the internet). She primarily works in three areas: Organizational transformational journeys; Strategic initiatives (such as customer-focused organization, moving from products to solutions, and operational/service excellence) and change initiatives that require senior executives’ engagement; Senior leadership development.

Winter primarily works with executive teams and senior leaders. In addition, she works with both western and Chinese companies on CEO and senior executive succession (with emphasis on development) by anchoring on the organizational goals and business requirements, leveraging her keen observations of the team dynamics and individual behaviors, deep insights into human nature, and skillful coaching. 

In addition to teaching and conducting research, Winter holds the position of the Dean of IMD China since 2016, responsible for business development and client relationships for the institute within the country. She has served as IMD’s regional director of Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania (2016–2019). She sits on the boards of Opsis, Singapore and Valuesense Group, China. 


Winter is well published in both academic and practitioner-oriented journals. Her forthcoming book, “The Future of Global Retail: Learning from China's Retail Revolution” (2021), provides both macro- and micro-perspectives for a deep insight into what is happening in China’s new retail market, including its latest digital innovations and new business models. The book provides a new retail framework as a roadmap for global retail executives: the “Beyond” Value Chain Model (More on:

“In the Shadow of the Dragon: The Global Expansion of Chinese Companies – and How It Will Change Business Forever” (2012), profiles key Chinese players and provides insights into subtle yet powerful strategies used to gain market dominance, their approach to going global, and the Chinese way of innovation. “Made in China – Secrets of China's Dynamic Entrepreneurs” (2009), takes an insider's look at Chinese entrepreneurs' path to success and offers insights on how MNCs could compete and/or work with them.  

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