Case Study

Kandou Bus, From start-up to IPO? (B): The Scale-Up

11 pages
July 2023
Reference: IMD-7-2467

Dr Amin Shokrollahi, a mathematician who loves research, becomes an entrepreneur by accident. He discovers a software solution to decelerate Moore’s Law, and his friend, entrepreneur Steve Papa, pushes him to create a company and bring the solution to market. For five years they “wander in the woods” building the team, raising money, developing the technology, fruitlessly talking with potential customers and working with some of the world’s most important technology companies… but without commercial success.

Learning Objective
  • Scaling likely requires a new business model.
  • Transitioning from R&D to commercial operations is usually hard.
  • Next steps? Expansion via additional fundraising, public listing or acquisition by a major player?
Business to Business, Disruption, Economics, Semiconductor, Electronics, Moore's Law, Start-up, Initial Public Offering
Kandou Bus, Materials, Semiconductors, Information Technology, Computer Services, Manufacturing, Electric and Electronic Equipment
Field Research
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