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This program is ideal if you are an experienced executive who wants to get to the next level of effectiveness in leading yourself, other individuals, teams and large groups to their highest level of sustained performance. HPL participants generally have a minimum of 10 years' management experience and come from a wide range of industries, functional backgrounds, and geographic regions. 

Team development opportunity

This program is also suitable for teams. You will increase the impact by sending several executives either simultaneously or over time. For example, if you are starting a new initiative in your organization, or addressing new leadership challenges in the execution of a new or changing strategy, HPL shows you how to develop a common approach and language that will greatly improve your results. 


6 days with additional pre-program work.


Program sessions 2018

Program Dates Location
HPL 3 April 15 to April 20*

Waiting list available

HPL 4 May 13 to May 18*

Waiting list available

HPL 5 September 16 to September 21*

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HPL 6 October 14 to October 19* Lausanne
HPL 7 October 28 to November 2* Singapore
HPL 8 December 2 to December 7* Lausanne

Fee 2018

CHF 13,500*

SGD 17,500*

Singapore session delivered by IMD Southeast Asia Pte Ltd. GST (7%) to be added for Singapore registered companies and residents.

(Tuition, teaching materials, and lunch are also included.)

*IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

Admission, payment & cancellation processes

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