The Board Member Courses Frequently Asked Questions

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The board member courses FAQ

Board Member Training
Board member courses are meant for supervisory board members who want to make a difference and play a key role in guiding their company’s success. Looking for the skills and tools to boost your own performance and contribution – and ultimately your board’s performance? Here are some answers to questions on board member training.


Q. Why should I take board member courses?

A. While you may or may not be required to take board member training as part of your board participation, everyone can benefit. As a highly specialized kind of top management training, board member training can ensure that your contribution to a supervisory board is maximized. It helps you better understand the role of supervisory boards and how to be a good board member so you can better target your activities and manage your relationships with stakeholders. You gain deep insights into board governance best practices. You’ll learn about effective structures and processes, skills, tools, frameworks and how to drive positive board culture. In the face of board challenges, you’ll be a board member who makes a difference.


Q. Can board member courses help my board, not just me, perform better?

A. Yes. By exploring practical frameworks, best practices and the most recent research on top performing boards, board member training helps you identify your board’s route to success. Quality board member training from good business schools will help you transform your learning into action plans and provide tools you can take back to share with your entire board.


Q. What can board member courses teach me about board governance best practices?

A. Corporate governance best practices are not easily defined, which is why structured assessment through board member training helps define the best practices suited to your organization. Board member training puts you in touch with the latest best practice research, case studies and evaluation of best practice boards. You develop broad-spectrum insights into best practices to understand how they improve coherence in business direction and strategy, drive corporate responsibility, and improve company accountability for stakeholder confidence.

Board Member Training


Q.Will board member courses help my board better mitigate risk?   

A. Definitely. Risk mitigation is a key function of boards of directors today, regardless of whether the company is public or private. That’s why good board member training - and top management training in general - addresses this issue directly by exploring case studies and evaluating your own risks.


Q. Does board member courses address crisis management?

A. Yes, quality board member training looks at various aspects of crisis management. This includes mitigating crisis, particularly through positive board culture and developing good succession plans. Management of crises must be strategic and draw upon corporate governance best practices.


Q. Can board member courses help my company leverage opportunities?

Board Member TrainingA. Again, definitely. The first step to leveraging opportunities is to identify them. Then you need to assess the supervisory board’s role in maximizing them. The key to making an impact when it comes to opportunities, as you will learn in board member training, is strategic board involvement.


Q. Does board member courses offer opportunities for networking?

A. Yes. Good business schools ensure that board member training classes only include people involved in similar supervisory board structures and facing similar challenges. Such top management training should be highly interactive and involve a lot of discussion and sharing of experiences – this is an excellent training tool. And it also means you’ll make excellent networking contacts through the board member courses.

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Discover how IMD's High Performance Boards program can help your board drive corporate success. 

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