Earn the Board Director Diploma in 9 days

Looking for the most comprehensive learning path? Want to master the latest best practices in board governance?

You can combine High Performance Boards with the Board Practice Series programs to achieve both breadth and depth of knowledge. Successfully complete a 3-step assessment process and you will also qualify for the IMD Board Director Diploma.

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Get your Board Practice Series Certificate in 5 days

Want to dive deep into board hot topics? 

Choose one or several of our focused programs depending on your area(s) of interest. All three are offered back to back, allowing you to acquire a broad range of new skills in one week. When completing all three, you are awarded with your IMD Board Practice Series Certificate. 

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Explore your program options
High Performance Boards exposes you to the latest research on top performing boards and shares best practices from different global governance regimes.
Digital Transformation for Boards develops your understanding of the new digital landscape so you can spot and evaluate digital opportunities with confidence.
Team Dynamics for Boards explores relationships of power and control in the boardroom and how you can influence them to drive a culture of high performance.
Finance for Boards gives you the essential finance knowledge and tools you need to make tough board decisions in areas such as mergers & acquisitions and risk management.