What makes a company “Future-Ready”? – Future Readiness Indicator
What makes a company “Future-Ready”?

Newsletter – March 29th, 2022

What makes a company “Future-Ready”?

Newsletter – March 29th, 2022

The more uncertain the world seems to be, the more it is important for companies to become future-ready. In times of crisis, this type of readiness doubles as a source of resilience.

In this month’s newsletter, I’ll reflect on how companies can adapt and on how future-ready companies are also more capable of capturing new growth when normality eventually returns.

From Howard’s desk:

  1. What Makes a Company “Future Ready”?

    I am excited to share with you the Harvard Business Review article that reports our future-readiness study of top companies across four sectors.
  2. Existential Battle to Become Master of the Metaverse

    Now, you may or may not think the metaverse is the future. But tech giants are all racing ahead. I’ve run a large-scale text analysis to understanding the strategies different companies are deploying.
  3. The Best Strategies Take Years to Realise – Just Look at Disney

    Of course, a strategic shift cannot happen overnight. Disney now has Disney+, which is an important arsenal to counteract Netflix. But it takes ten years to prepare. That reminds us that a great strategy in its realization truly has no shortcut.
  4. How to Avoid Melting Down Like Facebook

    And if you try to cut short, you end up in a meltdown. Just look at Facebook’s plunging share price. The easy path to growth is always dangerous.

The worries from the world are unending, which is why it’s most crucial to choose staying light-hearted even for a few hours a day or for a few minutes between tasks. Those precious moments give you clarity, which helps you stay clear on doing what matters the most.

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