Growth in the IoT market is not about to slow down

The business opportunities that the Internet of Things (IoT) currently presents are vast and plenty. Whether you work on solutions for government, industry, or consumers, IoT could be the spark you are looking for to transform your current solution landscape and strategies.

According to Bain & Company, the IoT market will almost double in size from the $235 billion spent in 2017 to $520 Billion by 2021. And with the number of devices expected to jump from 26 Billion in 2019 to 75 Billion in 2025 ( IoT business opportunities are not lacking.

A key element in the Fourth Industrial Revolution along with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Blockchain, IoT is a disruptive technology that will influence Billions of people’s lives globally and is already. IoT solutions like Google Home, autonomous vehicles, and Supply Chain tracking devices, are just an indication of the vast potential of this technology.

And here’s the thing, getting a good understanding of IoT is not as daunting as you might think. With the IMD IoT certification, you could get enough knowledge of the IoT fundamentals to start developing new strategies for IoT solutions. So, why not jump on this chance and get yourself an IoT certification from a world-renown academic institution?

IoT online training for those seeking new avenues to business success

IoT for Business is a brand-new program from IMD that gives you a comprehensive overview of the IoT fundamentals, as well as practical experience with creating your idea for an IoT solution and developing a pretotype for rapid testing. Through this IoT course, you will discover how to take a customer-centric approach to designing IoT solutions by using the Design Thinking methodology.

You will walk away confident in your overall knowledge of IoT hardware, software architecture, security, and the link between IoT and AI. You will be ready to put together IoT strategies that solve problems for your customers and deliver business success. And you will cover real-world business cases to understand the practical side of developing IoT strategies for a business.

Upon completion, you will receive your IMD IoT certification, or you can use this course as a credit towards an IMD Digital Excellence Diploma.

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