Case Study

Swissair: Repositioning a premium brand

30 pages
September 2001
Reference: IMD-5-0595

In 2001, the marketing team at Swissair launched a new global advertising campaign in order to reposition the Swissair brand as a premium brand in the minds of customers. Prior to the launch, the marketing team at Swissair had several concerns. First, they feared that the Swissair brand had taken an unprecedented battering because of the company’s negative financial situation. They also wondered if the new campaign would effectively communicate the company’s brand values and, more importantly, if the new campaign would allow Swissair to differentiate itself in the highly competitive market for airline travel. The reader will gain insight into Swissair’s brand values and which factors the marketing team considered before launching the new advertising campaign. The reader will also be challenged to consider such questions as: (1) What is Swissair’s brand promise to the customer? (2) Is the customer service experience consistent with Swissair’s brand values? and (3) How can Swissair improve the customer service experience to deliver on the brand promise?

Branding, Brand Vision, Airline
Field Research
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