Case Study

Redigo – Putting a new electric vehicle on the road

32 pages
June 2005
Reference: IMD-5-0687

At a highly publicized launch during Swiss Expo 2002, a small start-up company introduced a new compact electric vehicle called the Mobi3. In 2005, a new generation of lithium-ion batteries had become available that would provide more autonomy and require half the recharging time. Major improvements in the performance of electric vehicles were expected as well as new market opportunities. A member of the concept teams of the Swatchmobile and the Smart, was one of the fathers of the Mobi3. Inspired by the success of his early prototypes, he was planning to bring an enhanced version of the Mobi3, now renamed Redigo, to market. The case examines the various mobility vehicle target markets and users of electric vehicles and questions where the involved entrepreneurs should focus their next launch efforts.

Product Development, Product Launch, Alternative Mobility, Battery Technology, Customer Feedback
January 2002 - June 2005
Field Research
© 2005
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