Case Study

Do star performers need to network? (C): The case of the high-potential: Yvonne Benkert

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December 2010
Reference: IMD-3-2191

Networking had been central to Yvonne Benkert’s career – helping her to get her first job out of university, and then taking her to head of HR for MAN. As a high potential, Yvonne began an Executive MBA program. In November 2009, the management board was restructured. Everyone was replaced except for Yvonne’s mentor. He offered her the job of Head of Corporate Responsibility, reporting to the board member responsible for HR. Yvonne’s new job required greater contact internally with different functional disciplines (compliance, risk management, etc), geographies, divisions and also with the outside world. She took stock of all her different networks – both internal and external.

Learning Objective

Maintaining different types of networks is important, as high potentials progress through their career. Different networks can serve different functions, and can be useful over time. As such it is worth investing in keeping networks diverse, from a functional and geographical point of view. Participants are encouraged to consider what internal and external networks would be useful for them to invest more energy in, as they move through their career.

Networking, Career Management, Progression, Re-entry, Mechanical Engineering Equipment
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