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Do star performers need to network? (A)

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December 2010
Reference: IMD-3-2189

Pharmaceutical brand manager John O’Brady has just been passed over for the role of global marketing head of the drug brand for which he was responsible. Instead; a colleague with the same qualifications as John; who had not delivered nearly as much as he had in terms of results; had landed the job. Why had he got the job over John? His boss suggested that he do more to cultivate his internal visibility. But how should he go about doing this? Increasingly; simply ensuring good results does not guarantee career progression. Networks are critical to advancing up the career ladder. Participants will learn how to manage their network to maximize their likelihood of gaining access to the internal and external career opportunities. How much time and effort should be invested in networking; versus achieving results while trying to balance a personal life?

Learning Objective

The first case in the series provides an introduction to the importance of networks; and encourages participants to consider the nature and scope of networks available to them; as well as how to make a conscious choice of investing energy in cultivating these. The next three cases in the series consider specific challenges in maintaining networks including career breaks and re-entry; managing networks upward and over career lifecycles; as well as achieving visibility with top leadership and across different geographies.

Networking, Career Management, Progression, Re-entry
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