Top EMBA programs: Advance your career with one of the world’s top EMBA programs

Top EMBA programs offer an invaluable way to help you reach your full career potential. But frankly, not all management training courses billed as top EMBA programs deliver the goods. IMD, one of the world’s best business administration schools, has a reputation for top EMBA programs that you can rely on.

Based in Switzerland, a country known for its devotion to excellence, IMD is 100% focused on executive education. That’s important, because it means you can count on management training programs that are plugged into the real business world. IMD understands business because it operates like a business itself. It constantly innovates to stay ahead of the trends and to keep you on top of your game.

IMD’s Executive MBA: Truly one of the world’s top EMBA programs
One way of finding out about top EMBA programs is to look at the rankings. Respected, authoritative and independent authorities such as The Economist, Forbes and the Financial Times consistently rate IMD as one of the top-ranked business schools in the world. In 2017, the Financial Times ranked IMD as number one for executive education outside the US - for the fifth year in a row. So when it comes to top EMBA programs, consider IMD a good bet.

Giving you the edge you need
IMD’s EMBA is designed for fast-rising, globally experienced executives. Taking time out to advance your education outside the workplace is not always easy. But world-class business management training can pay back the investment in time and money many times over. With IMD’s world-class EMBA program you will learn skills and experience that will allow you to take on broader, more demanding leadership roles. You will gain the edge you need to deliver even more to your company.

The program will take you well beyond the basics to give you a comprehensive understanding of the forces that shape your company - now and in the future. And its flexible structure allows you to spend minimal time out of the office, as little as 10.5 weeks over as few as 15 months.

Let’s have a look at other features of one of the world’s top EMBA programs:

  • Honing skills: IMD’s EMBA is centred around topics central to business management: business fundamentals, globalization, leadership, strategy and execution.
  • Action-oriented: This is an action-oriented program that aims to turn ideas into results. Company-specific assignments deliver immediate payback.
  • Global: Visits to three parts of the world - China, India and Silicon Valley - give you penetrating first-hand insights into how leading-edge companies operate in the global marketplace.
  • Mastering execution: You will become more effective, self-confident and self-aware by mastering leadership skills at three levels - company, individual and global.
  • Lifelong learning: Learning never ends. The ability to access, develop and use the right knowledge is critical in a world of ever-evolving change. IMD’s EMBA program gives you the right tools to enable you to investigate, discover and evaluate new ideas throughout your career.

Are you ready?
IMD’s EMBA is not for everybody. It is aimed at talented managers with intellectual ability and drive. A GMAT is not required for admission but there is a rigorous assessment process. You are expected to have solid business experience and the backing of your company. If you check all these boxes, then you are ready to challenge yourself with one of the world’s top EMBA programs.


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