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IMD's Executive MBA program is for fast-rising, internationally experienced executives.


The world's most stimulating, most challenging and most rewarding Executive MBA program:

  • Join a rigorous, diverse and global program for experienced executives
  • Sharpen your leadership skills, drive your learning into your company and fulfil your potential
  • An execution-oriented program focusing on turning ideas into action
  • Earn a world-class MBA while on-the-job

New! To meet the growing demand and interest for our EMBA program, we are now offering two sessions per year, one graduating in June and one in November.


Timing is flexible, spreading nine weeks out of the office and approximately 50 weeks of distance learning over a minimum of 15 months.


The IMD Executive MBA is a modular program consisting of two stages: the Foundation Stage and the Mastery Stage. You can choose both the timing of the Foundation Stage and of the Mastery Stage modules.

Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage comprises two parts: first, Foundations for Business Leadership, a 20-day intensive program at IMD, and second, a five-week distance learning module - Advanced Management Concepts.
The GMAT or other aptitude tests are not required.

Foundations for Business Leadership

Visit the Foundations for Business Leadership website for the latest dates.

Advanced Management Concepts

2015 dates

Advanced Management Concepts I February 23 - March 30
Advanced Management Concepts II May 18 - June 22
Advanced Management Concepts III September 28 - November 2

Mastery Stage

Taking place over the course of one year - and starting either in April or November - the Mastery Stage combines three face-to-face core modules at IMD, three Discovery Expeditions and five e-modules where you work at a distance.


Module name Location June 2016 graduating class
e-Module 1 Distance learning April 14 - June 14 | 2015
Core Module 1 At IMD June 15 - 19 | 2015
e-Module 2 Distance learning

June 20 - September 19 | 2015

Discovery Expedition

Silicon Valley

September 20 - 25 | 2015

e-Module 3 Distance learning

September 26 | 2015
January 10 | 2016

Core Module 2 At IMD January 11 - 15 | 2016
Discovery Expedition India or China January 17 - 23 | 2016
e-Module 4 Distance learning

January 24 - April 23 | 2016

Discovery Expedition China or Brazil

April 24 - 30 | 2016

e-Module 5 Distance learning

May 01 - June 05 | 2016

Core Module 3 At IMD June 6 - 10 | 2016

Module name Location November 2016 graduating class
e-Module 1 Distance learning

November 17 | 2015
January 10 | 2016

Core Module 1 At IMD

January 11 - 15 | 2016

Discovery Expedition India or China

January 17 - 23 | 2016

e-Module 2 Distance learning

January 24 - April 23 | 2016

Discovery Expedition China or Brazil April 24 - 30 | 2016

e-Module 3 Distance learning

May 01 - June 12 | 2016

Core Module 2 At IMD June 13 - 17 | 2016
e-Module 4 Distance learning June 18 - September 10 | 2016
Discovery Expedition Silicon Valley

September 11 - 16 | 2016

e-Module 5 Distance learning

September 17 - November 13 | 2016

Core Mod 3


November 14 - 18 | 2016

Fee 2015

CHF 105,000 (Foundations for Business Leadership - CHF 25,000; Advanced Management Concepts - CHF 15,000; Mastery Stage - CHF 65,000)

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Our participants

The IMD Executive MBA program is for fast-rising, internationally experienced managers who aspire to lead. On average, an Executive MBA participant is 39 years old, has 15 years of prior work experience, and speaks several languages. Participants are key employees for their companies and come from a wide range of industries, functions, nationalities and business experiences.

Valuable assets

The 50-60 exceptional people we select for the IMD Executive MBA program each year are smart, motivated achievers in the mood to learn and willing to share their knowledge. As such, the most valuable assets of the program are the knowledge and insights you gain from, and with, your classmates. You will also build valuable relationships for your company and your career.

Testimonials of past participants

The IMD EMBA transformed my leadership. I have become a better version of myself. Ann Christin Gjerdseth

Director Projects | FMC Technologies | Norway

What a journey... The EMBA has truly been a Discovery Expedition. I have forged life-lasting friendships with my classmates, I have explored unknown areas of the economy and management, and I have unveiled new facets of my company. But more deeply, I have discovered my leadership potential and how to effectively put it into action; the next journey can start now. Thomas Lesage

CIO Operations Lead Region Europe IT | Novartis Pharma | Switzerland

The IMD Executive MBA program is indeed 'real world, real learning': the combination of Discovery Expeditions, group assignments and company assignments pushes you to give your utmost best and beyond. This combined with the extraordinary group of peers in the classroom, made the program extremely fulfilling and enjoyable for me! It was an experience that accelerated my development as a business leader and I will always carry this with me in my further career. Jeroen Van der Neut

CEO | Grontmij AB | Sweden

Class profile: EMBA 2010 - 2014
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The IMD Executive MBA program is a rigorous degree program that prepares you for broader and more challenging leadership positions. Taking a general management perspective, it takes you beyond the basics to a deep understanding of the forces that will shape business in the future.

Major themes

The action-oriented program is not structured around traditional courses, but instead around themes that are important for business and management now - and in the future:

  • Business fundamentals
  • Globalization
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Execution

You'll come back from each module not just with theory, but with hands-on experience, new skills and perspectives that you can put to work right away in your company.

For you

  • Strengthen business fundamentals
  • Develop high-performance leadership
  • Experience real-life globalization
  • Put learning into action
  • Master execution

For your company

  • Retain and build skills and confidence in high-potential people
  • Reap immediate benefits from company-related projects
  • Maximize learning impact by integrating work and study
  • Coordinate business demands around flexible program timing

Achieving mastery

The overall objective is to achieve a level of mastery in three dimensions:

  • Company level: You conduct a series of assignments to apply concepts to the realities of your firm, gaining a holistic view of business problems, understanding them separately and in in the context of the challenges and environment of the business, industry and global economy.
  • Individual level: You further your journey of self-discovery and skill building, diagnosing your own leadership style and building upon it to become a more effective leader and achieve your full potential.
  • Global level: You assess real opportunities in different contexts around the globe throughout the Discovery Expeditions, to understand how to leverage potential ventures for your firm and develop a level of global expertise
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The IMD Executive MBA is a modular program consisting of two stages - the Foundation Stage and the Mastery Stage. The modular structure of the program gives you great flexibility - allowing you to choose the timing that works best for you and your organization. The program design only requires you to be out of the office for a period of nine weeks in total: three weeks during the Foundation Stage and six weeks during the Mastery Stage - of which three take place at IMD and three in different locations on Discovery Expeditions.

You will learn through

  • Classes and video sessions with IMD's world-class Faculty
  • Case studies
  • Guest presentations featuring real-life challenges
  • Exercises and role-plays
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Off-campus crisis management simulation
  • Collaborative work
  • Company assignments
  • Personal coaching
  • Visits to leading-edge, fast-growing companies and regions

Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage covers key themes and business challenges to help you develop your skills and integrate the business fundamentals of a global organization.

More on the Foundation Stage

Mastery Stage

Three pillars run throughout the Mastery Stage: company assignments, leadership and globalization. Taking place over the course of one year and starting either in April or November - the Mastery Stage combines three residential core modules at IMD, three Discovery Expeditions and five e-modules where you work at a distance.

More on the Mastery Stage

Program Structure Overview

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Our Faculty

Our Faculty members are recognized world authorities in their fields. Dividing their time between teaching, research and working with international companies, they remain on top of the latest management trends. You can expect timely, innovative learning activities, materials and content in all IMD programs.

Executive MBA Program Director

Stefan Michel Swiss
Marketing and Service Management
Dr. oec. publ. University of Zurich

Executive MBA Program Faculty

Francisco Szekely Mexican
Sandoz Family Foundation Professor of Global Leadership and Sustainability
PhD WashingtonUniversity

Ben Bryant Australian and British
Leadership and Organization
PhD London Business School

Salvatore Cantale Italian
PhD in Finance INSEAD

Nuno Fernandes Portuguese
PhD IESE Business School

Benoît Leleux Belgian
Stephan Schmidheiny Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance

Anand Narasimhan British and Indian
Shell Professor of Global Leadership
PhD Vanderbilt University

Winter Nie American and Chinese
Operations and Service Management
PhD University of Utah

Philip M. Rosenzweig American
Strategy and International Management
PhD The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Leif Sjoblom Finnish
Financial Management
PhD Stanford University

Howard Yu Professor Howard H. Yu

Chinese (Hong Kong)
Strategic Management and Innovation
DBA Harvard Business School

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Below you will find an overview of the costs for tuition and other expenses. All costs in addition to tuition are estimates, and are intended to act as a guideline only.

Tuition fees

The fee for the program is CHF 105,000. This includes tuition, learning materials and a three-course lunch served at IMD on weekdays.

Payment timing Sum

Deposit (non-refundable) upon acceptance of admission

CHF 10,000

Foundations for Business Leadership (payable 30 days upon acceptance)

CHF 25,000

Advanced Management Concepts - distance-learning module (payable one month prior to starting)

CHF 15,000

EMBA fees (payable 6 weeks prior to start of Mastery Stage)

CHF 55,000


CHF 105,000

Estimated living expenses

Residential module living expenses are not included in the fee. While at IMD, participants typically stay at a hotel just a few minutes walking distance from the school.

Estimated living expenses while at IMD for the Foundation + Mastery stages Sum per week

Hotel (example based on standard room rates at Mövenpick, including breakfast, fitness and sauna)

CHF 2,000

Meals (estimated at CHF 50 per day)

CHF 300

Total per week

CHF 2,300

Total living expenses for the Foundation Stage (FBL - 3 weeks residential) and the Mastery Stage (3 weeks residential while at IMD) would therefore be approximately CHF 12,000. (based on 40 hotel nights and 20 meals outside of program activities)

Estimated travel expenses

Your travel agent is the best person to advise you on fare prices from where you live. The cost for the three compulsory Mastery Stage Discovery Expeditions is estimated at approximately CHF 10,000. This estimate is based on current rates and includes travel, accommodation and meals for all locations. (airfare calculations based on economy rates from Geneva to Discovery Expedition locations).


Estimated Living Expenses:

  • 6 weeks residential @ IMD: 3 weeks for Foundation Stage + 3 weeks Mastery Stage: 11,000 CHF
  • 3 x 1 week Discovery Expedition: 5,000 CHF

Estimated Travel Expenses:

  • Travel to IMD for FBL + 3 x 1 week Core Module in Mastery Stage (@ 1k CHF): 4,000 CHF
  • 3 Discovery Expeditions (to either: Brazil, China, Silicon Valley or India) 5,000 CHF
  • Total Estimated Expenses: 25,000 CHF (or 20, 500 Euro)

Financial aid

IMD's Executive MBA Program does not currently offer any financial aid or scholarships. Swiss banks are limited to extending loans to individuals with residency status.

Cancellation and transfer policy

If you are admitted to the Executive MBA program, but find that you are unable to attend, you must notify IMD in writing to either cancel or transfer to the next available session. In the case of cancellation, the CHF 10,000 deposit, plus any fees paid for program modules that have already started, is non-refundable. Additional cancellation and transfer fees may apply, as described below.

Whether you transfer or cancel before Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL), before Advanced Management Concepts (AMC) or before the Mastery Stage, the conditions are the same:

Up to 6 weeks before starting
Cancellation: No cancellation fee.
Transfer: No transfer fee.

From 6 weeks up to 11 days before starting
Cancellation fee: 50% of the FBL, AMC or Mastery Stage fee.
Transfer fee: 20% of the FBL, AMC or Mastery Stage fee.

Within 10 days before starting
Cancellation fee: 100% of the FBL, AMC or Mastery Stage fee.
Transfer fee: 100% of the FBL, AMC or Mastery Stage fee.

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