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Arturo Bris is Professor of Finance at IMD. Since January 2014 he is also leading the world-renowned IMD World Competitiveness Center.

He has directed programs for senior executives in several industries and continents. Prior to joining IMD, Professor Bris was the Robert B & Candice J. Haas Associate Professor of Corporate Finance at the Yale School of Management (USA). A Research Associate of the European Corporate Governance Institute, and a member of the Yale International Institute for Corporate Governance, he has worked extensively on issues of Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation, and International Valuation.

Arturo is passionate about global competitiveness, financial development and macroeconomics. His latest research identifies the relationship between income inequality, social mobility and competitiveness. He is also developing a competitiveness-based investment portfolio that track the best and worst economies.


Bruno Lanvin


President, Smart City Observatory

Bruno Lanvin

French, President, Smart City Observatory

Bruno Lanvin has been the President of the Smart City Observatory since its creation in 2018.

After a distinguished career that took him from the United Nations, the World Bank and INSEAD, he joined IMD in 2018. He is known worldwide for his pioneering work in creating and co-leading some of the most highly praised global indices in the areas of information technology, innovation and talent. Over the last few years, he has been focusing his research on the role of cities in developing original strategies and shaping new types of global relations.

A mathematician by training (Université de Valenciennes), an MBA (HEC, Paris) and a PhD in Economics (Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne, he is passionate about informing international debates (inequality, inclusion, governance, collaborative innovation, talent and labour markets, impact of artificial intelligence) through the provision of quantitative tools and action-oriented metrics.