Case Study

Nestlé Continuous Excellence (D): Starting the journey beyond operations

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December 2011
Reference: IMD-3-2222

This is the fourth and final case in the NCE series. By July 2010, the Nestlé board had approved the decision to roll NCE out beyond operations. The NCE Model for GLOBE (IS-IT) had been defined in spring 2010. As such, GLOBE was one of the prime movers of NCE beyond Operations. This was closely followed by roll-out in the Nestlé Shared Services organization (GNBS). Shared Services encompassed mostly transactional activities from accounts receivables to payroll, and as such lent itself to the NCE methodology. Other functions started their own NCE journey, in late 2010 to early 2011. By May 2011, Human Resources, Marketing, and R&D were starting to develop roll-out plans for NCE in their functions.

Learning Objective

This case seeks to demonstrate the value in implementing a performance initiative to areas beyond operations. It also seeks to prompt a discussion about the best way to approach and sequence such a roll-out, and the importance of early, demonstrable successes.

Performance Improvement, Quality, Engagement, Bottom-Up, Strategy Deployment, Strategy Roll-out, Matrix Organization
Field Research
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