Case Study

Nestlé Continuous Excellence (C): Operations and beyond

4 pages
December 2011
Reference: IMD-3-2214

José Lopez, Nestlé’s executive vice president of global operations, had convincingly demonstrated the benefit of NCE in operations. Now he wanted to see it rolled out to the rest of the organization. NCE’s sustainability, employee engagement and impressive financial returns convinced Lopez that if NCE were implemented in other functions, it could serve as the competitive driver for Nestlé. How should he present the program to his colleagues on the board? This is the final case in this four-part series.

Learning Objective

In this session, participants consider how best to convince the top level of management of the benefit of rolling out a successful operations initiative across the entire organization. By asking participants to prepare a presentation to the board, the instructor can help convey the critical role played by the visual and spoken delivery of key arguments, as well as compelling data, in securing board level buy-in and approval.

Performance Improvement, Quality, Engagement, Bottom-Up, Strategy Deployment, Strategy Roll-out, Matrix Organization
Field Research
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