• A new book co-authored by IMD Prof. Arturo Bris ‘Blockchange! How to survive the crypto economy’ provides a sharp picture of the working mechanism, function and possibilities of blockchain technology
  • Authors reflect on how blockchain can change our (economic) world for good
  • More information on the book is available here

A new book on blockchain and cryptocurrency has been released today. 

The authors Professor Arturo Bris and Redmer Huizinga explain in an accessible way how blockchain, the mysterious technology behind Bitcoin, exactly works. 

Blockchain can be used for multiple purposes and is able to drastically change our current society. With original metaphors and a clear way of writing, Bris and Huizinga are able to accurately reflect on how blockchain can change our (economic) world for good. The authors invite the reader to reflect on the possibility of an approaching blockchain revolution and what the reader’s role can be. 

The hype around cryptocurrency is rising, but most people are uninformed. What can you do with blockchain? Are there more applications than just Bitcoin? Why is there so much hype? What can we expect in the coming years? 

The economic and social consequences of Blockchain go beyond the disruption in business models that the new technology is going to cause. As a decentralized network, blockchain will bring fairness to business decisions previously done under the profit logic alone. By allowing people’s direct participation, it will make our countries more democratic. Finally, as Blockchain empowers customers, it will definitely change company’s strategies and cultures. This book focuses on the massive impact of Blockchain on society” stated Arturo Bris. 

There are so many news reports about the value of bitcoin rising or dropping, and it has taken on gigantic proportions in recent years. However, few people are actually aware of the significance of this new technology or the possible impact on our current economic system. 

Arturo Bris and Redmer Huizinga draw a sharp picture of the working mechanism, function and possibilities of blockchain technology. 

Huizinga, who is affiliated with many blockchain start-up projects, hopes to create more insight into the underlying revolutionary ideas of Bitcoin. 

The book ‘Blockchange!’ gives a clear overview of the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Both the eBook and paperback are available now. 

In addition to his new book Arturo Bris provides deep insights into the world of crypto currency in IMD’s Strategic Finance and Digital Finance programs. This program explores solutions to 21st century finance challenges including: fintech, business partnering, risk governance, macro finance, big data and analytics and more.