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Cross-section of IMD professors feature in The Case Centre’s list of bestselling authors

IMD well represented in this year’s selection of the Top 40 case-study authors, with teaching material covering areas from entrepreneurship to strategy.
October 2020

 - IMD Business School

Four IMD faculty members have made a Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors list published by The Case Centre, the self-proclaimed “independent home of the case method” holding the world’s largest and most diverse collection of management cases, articles, book chapters and teaching materials.

The quartet comprises Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Global Strategy Kamran Kashani (9th), Professor Emeritus of Strategy Peter Killing (18th); Professor Benoit Leleux (34th) the Stephan Schmidheiny Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance; and Dominique Turpin (38th), Dentsu Chaired Professor of Marketing, who makes his début in this year’s rankings.

Entertainment streaming piques as much interest as SAP roll out

One of Kashani’s bestselling cases was Jan Van Hasenbroek (A): A ‘Red-Pencil’ Leader at a Crossroads, published in February. Co-authored by Susan Goldsworthy, Affiliate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at IMD alongside learning innovation expert Lisa Duke, it follows the leadership journey of founder and managing partner of IG&H consulting firm, Jan Van Hasenbroek.

Famous for his micromanagement and taking a red pencil to his consultants’ work, Van Hasenbroek is at cross-roads when we meet him in the case, newly aware of the harm his leadership was inflicting on the people he managed. With complications in his personal life adding to the mix, the question is posed: can he, or is he willing, to make changes to his leadership style?

A brief two-page follow-up, Jan Van Hasenbroek (B): Going Back to School, reveals the decisions Van Hasenbroek took.

Turpin’s Netflix: Hustling for More in India’s Crowded OTT Space, published in June this year, looks at the experience of the entertainment streaming giant in its quest to conquer the Indian market, diving deep into the company’s strategy. Netflix continues to promote itself in India, just this week offering 48-hours of free Netflix access to the nation under its new StreamFest initiative which could be rolled out elsewhere.

Killing’s epic three-part case series on Nestlé’s Globe Program looks at how Chris Johnson was tasked with creating and overseeing the biggest SAP roll-out in the world at the firm. With a budget of 3 billion Swiss francs. The case follows Chris’ first few months on the job, involving a move to Switzerland to set up Nestlé’s new direction.

Completing the line-up is Leleux’s case on Spanish fashion brand ECOALF’s success as a sustainable fashion company. ECOALF: Because There Is No Planet B, published in October, uncovers the ways in which founder and president Javier Goyeneche faced hurdles to raise money from investors to accelerate his company’s growth.

Case studies, which posit real-life business situations, continue to be used widely in management education to help boost learners’ ability to understand the minutiae and to analyse effectively. IMD’s faculty has developed case studies for over 50 years. Renowned for their international focus, IMD’s cases have proven to be a timeless tool for developing the leadership capabilities of executives, irrespective of where they are on their career path.

The authors in this edition of The Case Center’s Top 40 represent 18 schools, ten countries and three continents.

The Case Center is a distributor of IMD’s full collection of some 1,500 cases.