4 People Management Tips to use during Uncertainty & Change periods

It’s no secret that people management is probably one of the most important soft leadership skills. This is due to the following reasons:

  • It influences productivity via its impact on staff morale and motivation.
  • It is critical during periods of transition, uncertainty and change.
  • It is the key to a successful project change management.

Despite these definitions, questions still remain.

  • What is the essence of people management?
  • What are the best people management strategies you can implement?

Want to know the answers?  Read this article and you will learn the best tips for people management during uncertain and changing situations.

The Essence of People Management in Change Management Processes

Every CEO or senior executive who has overseen a major merger or integration project entailing different and diverse groups of employees knows the importance of people management during such an operational change process.

Keep in mind the following during such situations:

  • Inspire people to change for the better.
  • Assuage fears when faced with organizational changes and uncertainties.
  • Introduce new work processes that are essential to the business.
  • Embark on a new business strategy.
  • Provide transformational leadership while changing the employees' roles & responsibilities

Aside from all of these things, you need to learn these 4 people management strategies for the benefit of the entire organization.

4 People Management Strategies You Should Learn Today


1. Know the dynamics of human behavior

When it comes to people management, knowing the dynamics of human behavior is critical.

People ManagementYou need to understand that every person behaves differently when faced with a particular situation. This is due to the fact that behavior is shaped from various influences such as family and the environment, as well as from various beliefs, culture and ideology.

You can never expect that you will get the same answers, behaviors and results from all people. Learning all kinds of behavioral types and social conditioning can help you understand each of the team members you have in the organization.

In the case of project change management, this will help you anticipate and mitigate potential problems that might arise.


2. Implement communication transparency

Once you know the behavioral types, implement communication transparency.

Good communication in a project change management process creates an atmosphere of trust among all those affected by the change. Leaders should share their plans, decision milestones and immediate next steps with their staff.

Transparency regarding the impact of changes on operations management and related processes leads to understanding and support from employees.

Note that effective people management also requires that communications be two-way. While you have the prerogative to speak, you should also listen.

Do you want to see a bigger impact on your team? 


3. Give your team a sense of ownership

People ManagementPeople management in a change situation can work best if you can give your team a sense of ownership. Lead by example and entrust team members with specific tasks that best fit their skills.

Once you’ve given your team a sense of ownership, members of your team will grow in confidence and buy-in to the project change management experience. This holds throughout the process: recognize and acknowledge employees' responsibilities in achieving mutual successes. Your team will be better motivated through this transition, as well as any that may follow. 


4. Enroll yourself in a leadership development program

As it turns out, your people management skills need to be the sharpest when you have a project change management experience on the horizon. It pays to be prepared.

Many business management schools offer leadership courses led by skilled trainers with both theoretical and practical experience to help you develop your personal leadership strengths.

In fact, behavior-based learning including leadership exercises and leadership coaching lets you test and perfect your approaches with groups. You will also learn better conflict management skills, effective negotiation skills, and team-building skills to complement your experience and bring you to a new level in people management

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