Mumbai & Shanghai Assessment Challenges

IMD envisions a future of business and society that includes even more diversity amongst our leaders.

To foster this growth and encourage high acheivers who don’t necessarily have the financial means to apply, but do have the potential, drive and passion that we are looking for, we have created the IMD MBA Assessment Challenge.

Launched in Mumbai in 2018, this year we have added a second destination to increase our global outreach - Shanghai.

If you have the desire and ability to join the best group of 90, we want to help you.

If you understand the magnitude of change and opportunity the business world is facing and have a vision of what lies ahead, this is your chance to convince us of your capacity to play a part in shaping the future of our world.

Key Dates
Mumbai Challenge Application DeadlineApril 1, 2019
Mumbai ChallengeApril 26-27, 2019
Shanghai Challenge Application DeadlineMay 31, 2019
Shanghai ChallengeJune 21-22, 2019