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Executive Education
Degree Programs

Shape your leadership legacy.

Executive Education

Degree Programs

Shape your leadership legacy.

At IMD, we prioritize your aspirations and growth.

You have the opportunity to choose from three exceptional degree programs: our MBA, Executive MBA, and the Master of Science in Sustainable Management and Technology, each designed to align with your career ambitions and goals. Each year, we welcome over 200 driven and ambitious participants from around the globe. They are all driven by a shared goal: to advance their careers, hone their leadership skills, and make a genuine difference in the world.

When you join an IMD degree program, you’ll deepen your knowledge, expand your innovative thinking, achieve your goals faster, and gain the hands-on leadership skills essential in your field. Along with your fellow learners on this journey, you’ll become part of a diverse network of mutual growth and dynamic collaboration.

Academic excellence

Ranked as Europe’s best MBA program by Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes, our degrees are recognized globally for their rigorous academic standards and innovative teaching methods.

Unique learning experience

Our degree programs go beyond theory, encouraging students to apply their learning in real-world contexts, fostering personal and professional growth.

Career acceleration

IMD degree programs are a catalyst for career growth, equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and excel in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Impactful alumni network

Our 130,000+ alumni worldwide are testament to the transformative power of our programs, with many achieving remarkable successes in their professional fields.

Real learning. Real impact.

The Financial Times ranked our MBA program #1 worldwide for criteria on international faculty, #3 on international students and #6 for international mobility. In the same ranking we scored 89% on aims achieved, and 9.53 out of 10 for overall satisfaction. Our MBA is the #1 international one-year MBA program according to Forbes (2019), in the top 3 in Europe according to Poets & Quants and #3 in Europe (2023-2024) according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Executive MBA

In the 2023 Financial Times Executive MBA ranking we were ranked #1 worldwide in international faculty and faculty with doctorates (100%), #5 in international students and #2 in work experience. Our overall satisfaction score was 9.57 out of 10.

 - IMD Business School
Farah Behbehani

MBA 2022

Intense, transformative, life changing.

The IMD experience is extremely intense. The programs really make you self aware; they allow you to discover, acknowledge and change your weaknesses. As a person you always want to transform and get better, and here I found people I trust to give me the feedback that enabled me to do that.

 - IMD Business School
Pablo Percelsi

EMBA 2019
ICRC, Deputy Head of Delegation, Lebanon

Extremely rewarding.

The Executive MBA was a great experience. It requires preparation and discipline, but the learning it brings, the diversity of the network, and the quality of the program make it extremely rewarding.

 - IMD Business School
David Campbell

Investment Partner & President, S2S Ventures, Switzerland

Diverse perspectives.

As a business student, I was looking for a program where I could improve my technical skills and work with people from different disciplinary backgrounds. The community that surrounds the SMT program is its main strength; assessing issues from many perspectives is key to solving climate change.