IMD MBA Program Admissions

We look for the best group of 90 mature and globally-minded classmates you can learn from and share knowledge with.

Our participants typically have 4-9 years of work experience in a variety of sectors, are between 27 and 34 years old and represent 40 different nationalities.

Basic requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited institution
  • GMAT (80% of our MBA participants score between 620 and 750). The minimum score is 600.
  • A minimum of three years full-time work experience after graduation
  • The minimum age is 25 years old at the start of the program
  • A strong command of written and spoken English
  • At least one language in addition to English

IMD MBA Program requirements

The MBA admissions team looks for academic ability, career progression, business achievements, responsible decision-making, leadership capacity and international outlook.
Your three recommenders should highlight your professional achievements, interpersonal skills, teamwork and leadership using our online form. At least two should be business-related sources.

IMD MBA Program Application Process

Our application platform for 2019 will open in mid-December. Thank you for your understanding.

Process- IMG

Assessment day

The full-day assessment takes place on-campus and consists of a personal interview, an impromptu presentation, and a case study discussion.

  • We assess your intellectual capabilities, integrity and ability to work with others
  • You evaluate us and get a feel for the campus, meet current participants and, when possible, attend a class

When to apply to IMD MBA?

  • To attend the May assessment day in Singapore or Sao Paulo, you will need to apply for the first two deadlines
  • If you are a citizen of a country that requires a long visa process, we recommend you apply for one of the first four deadlines

What participants say

While inherently intense, this memorable experience gives you a sneak peek into the awesome journey that awaits. 

Ashish Singh

MBA 2017, Indian