IMD Startup Competition Scholarship 2018/2019 


  • Only full-time employees of the winners of the IMD Startup Competition are eligible for this offer, as is the case for the 2017/2018 edition.
  • Only one IMD Startup Competition voucher user is permitted per program session for HPL and LDBT. First-come, first-served basis, via program admission process.
  • Three IMD Startup Competition voucher users are permitted per program session for other Face-to-Face Open Programs. First-come, first-served basis, via program admission process.
  • Offer valid for 24 months from moment that startup is notified of winning (Expiration date 31 Dec 2020 for 2017/2018 Start-up competition winners). The start date of the chosen program must be before the deadline expires.
  • Participant must meet admission criteria for course, like any other candidate.
  • Must participate in chosen courses seriously and full-time, like any other participant.
  • No refunds of unused voucher amounts or differences. No cash payments.
  • Scholarship cannot be transferred to another company (unless original winning company has been liquidated)
  • Winners of the scholarship may contact [email protected] for more information on courses or to register. This email connects you with our program advisors.

See the winners of the 2017-2018 competition here: Start-up Competition Winners

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