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Find how IMD's Advanced Management Program will develop your skills! 

 5 career benefits of an advanced management program

An advanced management program from a top-ranked business school can hone your skills to drive real business results - and help take your career to new heights. In fact, management training courses are virtually imperative for those aspiring to general management and who wish to stay competitive in today's fast-changing world. Wondering how impactful management training can be? 

Here is a look at five career benefits of an advanced management program:
First of all...

Advanced Management Program1. Integrate your on-the-job learning: Clearly, you're learning every day on the job. Yet, as a busy manager, you may not have the time to gain the full benefits of that learning, as you move swiftly to deal with the next challenge. Taking the time for an advanced management program between projects or positions offers the opportunity to reflect, take stock of what you've learned, and gain understanding of your core leadership skills and your areas for improvement. This self-awareness enables you to better integrate on-the-job learning to ensure your preparedness for challenges ahead - including a transition to general management.

It is critical to...

2. Strengthen critical management and functional skills: An advanced management program offers an environment in which to hone key management skills including project management, planning, and critical thinking. Such management training programs can also broaden your knowledge of different business functions such as communications, finance and HR. You may think you learned all this already, but a good advanced management program will take you further. You'll learn how to integrate across functions to create value, and gain new skills and tools for coping in today's fast-changing world. A good management program should also include leadership exercises and leadership coaching to help you develop even more effective leadership skills and know how to leverage your personal leadership style.

What you get...

Advanced Management Program

3. Advanced knowledge: At the top business schools in the world, management training programs are led by professors who are reputed business education thinkers. They frequently blend academic business research and publication with the practical insights gained from international consulting. An advanced management program therefore offers you the chance to tap into this excellent knowledge resource for a higher baseline.

You need this...

4. Advanced study of global mega trends: Moving up in your career, you will be expected to have clear understanding of the global mega trends shaping the future of business. Increasingly, your decision-making will depend on this knowledge. For this reason, an advanced management program will cover topics including global business interests as well as political, humanitarian and environmental issues that impact the world economy.

And last, but certainly not least...

Advanced Management Program5. New perspectives, benchmarking & networking: Getting out of the daily routine is a clear advantage of an advanced management program. It makes you more open to new perspectives. As much as your professors and the subjects taught will offer new ideas, so will your classmates. After all, management training courses - especially at top international business schools - bring together a group of talented peers. Learning from each other, you will gain insights from other industries, geographical or cultural contexts that you can import and apply to your own situation. In a highly interactive advanced management program, you and your classmates will have the opportunity to benchmark and network.

An effective executive program should give you advanced management and leadership skills to generate positive impact for your immediate team, your company and the wider community. If you want to have that kind of impact, and you're ambitious about your career, it is critical to master such skills. At a leading business management school, you will be able to boost these skills invaluably through an advanced management program.

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Find how IMD's Advanced Management Program will develop your skills! 

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