Case Study

Social entrepreneurship on Fogo Island: Searching for new ways in an old continuity (B)

9 pages
June 2013
Reference: IMD-3-2361

The Shorefast Foundation is a charitable organization that aims to spark a rural renaissance and promote economic and cultural resilience in the isolated communities of Fogo Island and Change Islands, Newfoundland, Canada, using a social entrepreneurship model. The cases also highlight the importance of rural places as repositories of local knowledge, culture and traditions. The two Shorefast cases illustrate the initial formation of the Foundation and the implementation issues surrounding the building of a multimillion dollar five star Inn. They are best used together as a series, but can be used independently as well. Case B describes the construction of the Fogo Island Inn and the many challenges surrounding implementing such a project. The case also illustrates the importance of community participation and acceptance and describes some of the challenges associated with this type of deep local engagement. The project has time and financial constraints but must also fit with the goals, vision, and beliefs set forth by the Shorefast Foundation as described in Case A.

Learning Objective
  • Help students understand the link between a founder’s values, beliefs and objectives (managerial preferences) and strategy formulation and implementation
  • Introduce students to the organizational challenges involved in social entrepreneurship and the tensions to be negotiated between environmental, economic and social goals.
Social Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneur, Non-profit, Strategy Implementation, Tourism
Field Research
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